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Virtual Surveyor

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Measure, describe, and structure survey points directly from your drone data. Work with drone data the same way as a surveyor in the field!

  •  Draw terrain points
  •  Points Descriptors
  •  Set Point Elevations
  •  Point Annotations

Capture linear structures and trace breaklines. Easily detect topographic details and create accurate 3D linework from your drone data.

  • Draw polylines & boundaries
  • Arcs
  • Circle & Squares
  • Extract breakpoints
  • Split & merge lines
  • Extract line points
  • Line Offsets
  • Editing & Interpolation
  • Guided breakline drawing
  •  Section lines

Create survey points at regular intervals. Or use intelligent algorithms to place points at bare-earth or topographic breaks. Erase tools provide an easy way to make quick edits.

  • Regular point grids
  • Low-pass grids
  • Q-Point grids
  • Remove grid points

Convert your survey points and linework to a lightweight CAD model of the topography. Display the surface as triangles for design, or contour lines for map purposes.

  • Quick surfaces
  • Triangulate surveys
  • Contour/TIN display
  • Remove triangles
  • Surface clipping