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In today’s global economy, the need for quality and precision in most manufactured products demands that all phases of the manufacturing process performed with increased accuracy. Repairs start with the installation of machinery and continue with the maintenance during operations. Machinery or equipment must align to within a few thousandths of an inch; then we use specially designed levels and transits. Our repair departments at our locations are fully staffed and trained to properly service and calibrate your optical tooling equipment back to manufacturer’s specifications. Our optical wedge(K&E 71-7020) used for calibration is traceable to NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology).

Available rentals would include Levels (Cubic, K&E, Brunson), Jig Transits (Cubic, K&E, Brunson), Manual and Electronic Theodolites (Leica), Heavy Duty Instrument Stands (Short, Tall & Portable),Shaft Alignment Instruments, Alignment Telescopes, Accessories including Micrometers, Scales, Auto-collimating Eyepieces, Right Angle Eyepieces, Diagonal Eyepieces, Targets and hundreds of more items.

For more information on repairs, please contact your local repair technician expert or fill out the form below.

Alabama- Chuck Kimbrel 205-595-3796
South Carolina- Colin Bourgeois 864-288-5900
Tennessee- Charles Rippy 615-885-1274