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Topcon Office Site Resurfacing

Topcon Office Site Resurfacing

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Let the Computer Do the Math

A specialized module of Topcon Office Site Resurfacing, this resurfacing tool provides paving and profiling contractors with analysis and planning tools for road surface projects. Far simpler to use than other products on the market, Topcon Office Site with Resurfacing is built to be used by heavy highway contractors themselves. With it, you can have our specially designed operations perform fast calculations, cross slopes, transitions, smoothing, lift/lower, and more. Export files directly to your milling and paving control systems for maximum efficiency.


  • Import dwg/dxf, text, PDF, and many more file types
  • Fast calculations, cross slopes, transitions and smoothing, milling and lifts
  • Multiple window panes for clear impression of road surface
  • Produce and manage industry standard 3DMC files
  • Instantaneous material quantities