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GeoCue TrueView 515

GeoCue TrueView 515

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TrueView 515 3D Imaging System

GeoCue's TrueView 515 is simply the best performing LIDAR/Camera system in the mid price range. This compact 3D Imaging System has impeccable definition along wires, superior ground cover beneath vegetation and sensitivity like we’ve never seen in this class system.


Data Collection LiDAR + Imagery
Laser Scanner Hesai PandarXT-32
LiDAR Range - Usable 80 m @ 20% reflectivity
LiDAR Beams/Returns 32/2
Cross-track Field of View (FOV)/Combined 120°
Pulse Repetition Rate 640 kHz
Network Accuracy Better than 5 cm, RMSE
Precision Better than 5 cm at 1 σ
Camera Sensor Dual 1’’ mechanical shutter, hardware mid-exposure pulse, 20 MP, RGB
Mass 2.25 kg