Topcon GPT-3002W 2

Topcon GPT-3002W 2" Conventional Total Station

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The Topcon GPT-3000 series are Pulse Laser Total Stations with a superior non-prism measurement capability. Making use of an updated optical system, the GPT-3000 Series incorporates special techniques to provide accurate, reliable and safe non-prism distance measurement over a range of up to 250 meters. In addition to non prism measurement, the GPT-3000 series is of a compact, robust construction with IP66 water and dust protection making it the ideal construction site surveying instrument. The easy to use software provides complete functionality to carry out all surveying and stake out routines and calculations and to store all data in the instrument itself. For a complete, All weather, Non-Prism surveying instrument that can be applied to almost any surveying task, look no further than the Topcon GPT-3000 Series.


GPT-3000 Series uses both an invisible Pulse Laser Diode for distance measurement and a Visible Red Laser Beam as a laser pointer to identify the measurement point at the center of the cross-hairs of the telescope. The visible laser pointer is a Class 2 laser which can be easily switched on and off as required. The laser pointer is an effective help in 1) identifying the measurement point during non prism measurement and for 2) targeting the required point during stake-out.