Sensefly eBee Ag

Sensefly eBee Ag

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A New Level of Crop Insight, made easy

There is a lot of hype today about drones changing the face of farming. But very few systems are sophisticated and reliable enough to bring about such change.


The eBee Ag sets the standard for easy operation. Just define the field or region you want to scout using its eMotion software and throw the eBee into the air. It flies, captures images and lands automatically—no piloting skills required


Thanks to its fixed-wing design and carefully optimized cruising speed, the eBee Ag can photograph up to hundreds of acres/hectares of crop in a single flight— more coverage than multi-rotor platforms can achieve.


The eBee Ag features a full suite of camera options to suit every agricultural application—from NIR to RGB, red-edge, thermal and Sequoia’s groundbreaking multispectral performance.