Optical Tooling
Instruments & Accessories

Earl Dudley, LLC with over 78 combined years of experience has made our mission to ensure the highest level of sales, repairs, rentals, and training along with providing calibration certificates to Optical Tooling Instruments, Construction Instruments and Scales.

Earl Dudley, LLC Birmingham Service Department consists of highly factory trained, technicians capable of repairing, calibrating, and certifying optical instruments. Our techs can recommend the appropriate equipment needed for your specific alignment solution for all variety of jobs and provide fast turnaround service.

We can assure you our calibrations meet or exceed manufacturer specifications and the measurement standards used are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Listed are the instruments you may purchase or rent to effectively accomplish your business needs:

  • Tilting Levels with Micrometers
  • Jig Transits with Micrometers
  • Transit Squares with Micrometers
  • Alignment Telescopes
  • Wild T2 Theodolite with Micrometers
  • Leica T1800 Theodolite with Micrometers
  • Sokkia DT-240 electronic theodolites with micrometers (‘2 ArcSecond Accuracy)
  • Invar Scale Extension Kits • Brunson (K&E) Scales
  • Tooling Stands of all variety (Brunson, K&E, Quickset)
  • All Tooling accessories (magnets, center heads, lateral adjusters, universal brackets, target holders for center line determination of machinery.

Earl Dudley will provide training for the correct use of all the optical tooling instruments listed. We will also supply certificates of calibration for construction instruments (Auto Levels, Theodolites, Total Stations, Laser Levels and Electronic Levels).

 Contact for Customized Rental or Sales Quotes

Bill Dudley • 800.633.645 • billdudley@earldudley.com 
Mike Smith • 800.633.6457 • msmith@earldudley.com