Virtual Surveyor Software

Virtual Surveyor Software

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Create Survey Plans Surprisingly Easily.

Survey Points and Breaklines

Analyze the virtual environment and draw points, point grids, lines and polygons where you would measure them if you were out there in the field. Fly around and look at different angles to make sure your survey is accurate.

Guided Breakline Drawing

Further accelerate your survey process with guided breakline drawing. Draw the first segment of your breakline to give direction and let Virtual Surveyor do the rest of the job for you.

Triangulate Your Survey

Making a survey that correctly describes a topography is a challenging job. Use an automatically created triangulation network to verify your work right away. Correct it by adding points and breaklines and triangulate again.


Would you like to load CAD or GIS layers on your virtual terrain or continue the work in these formats? It is all possible in Virtual Surveyor. Popular GIS, CAD and text formats are supported to give you the needed flexibility.