eMotion 3 Software

eMotion 3 Software

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Drone Flight & Data Management. Reimagined.

A drone’s flight management (or ground station) software defines your experience—if this is complicated or confusing, professional drone operation can quickly become a chore. eMotion 3 is different: it’s advanced, scalable software anyone can use.


  • Simple mission block flight planning—mission blocks are the core components of every automatic eMotion 3 mission (more below)
  • Supports multi-flight missions for highly efficient larger-scaled projects—just land, swap the drone’s battery and re-launch to continue the same mission
  • Import up-to-date elevation data—for safer, more
  • Built-in Flight Data Manager—handles the georeferencing & preparation of images required for further photogrammetric processing—vastly reducing third-party software compatibility issues—plus RTK/PPK processing and validation