Carlson 2017 Survey

Carlson 2017 Survey

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Improve Your Field-to-Finish Ability

The number one office software solution for land surveyors in the United States, Carlson Survey provides surveyors with CAD software to apply full Field-to-Finish coding to all routines that draw points and linework. In Carlson Survey 2017, many enhancements have been made to allow surveyors to hatch closed polylines, draw fitted text using multi-points and automatically create photo links to image files stored in Carlson’s popular data collection software, Carlson SurvCE. A function to edit all code definitions in a spreadsheet has been added along with new special codes such as: BFIT, LTW and LABEL added to the Survey 2017 code library.


  • Upgraded edit point attribute dialogs with tabs for GIS, Notes, and Photos
  • Point group features to isolate, edit attributes and renumber point groups;
    and create by CRD date range history and point name prefix
  • Added method to combine northing, easting coordinate label
    with lat./long via Label Coordinate feature; and
  • Line/Curve Tables feature to create a combined line and curve table.