GR-5 with Vanguard TechnologyTM

GR-5 with Vanguard TechnologyTM

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The GR-5 advanced RTK GNSS system.

Advanced GNSS Receiver

The GR-5 features the multi-constellation 226-channel Vanguard GNSS chip with Universal Tracking Channel Technology. This patented technology uses flexible and dynamic tracking methods to automatically select and track any available satellite signal enabling Topcon’s users to receive the maximum number of signals and measurements at any given time.

Sitting confidently within Topcon's modern GNSS product line, the HiPer V is a powerful solution at an obtainable, mid-level price.


  • 226-Channel Vanguard Technology™ with Universal Tracking Channels
  • Advanced Fence Antenna™ Technology
  • High accuracy RTK with updates up to 100Hz
  • Fully integrated radio and cellular configuration
  • 32GB SDHC storage support
  • Dual hot-swappable batteries providing a full day of operation